Set working environment

SDMtune package works with the new version of MaxEnt software (v. >= 3.4.1), in case you have the old version you can download the new one from here. The new version uses by default the complementary log-log transform (Cloglog) to produce the estimate of occurrence probability instead of the logistic transform and the feature class threshold is disabled but available as option (???).

If is the first time you use MaxEnt in R you have to make available the maxent.jar file for the dismo package (Hijmans et al. 2017). To do that copy the maxent.jar file in the folder named java inside the folder returned by the following command:


If you are an Ubuntu user you have to install java (e.g. install java openjdk with sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk), check it with java --version, and then configure java for R using the command sudo R CMD javareconf.

Import SDMtune:

Check if maxent is correctly configured for dismo:


Hijmans, Robert J., Steven Phillips, John Leathwick, and Jane Elith. 2017. “dismo: Species Distribution Modeling. R package version 1.1-4.”